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Study ethical hacking online

Network security encompasses any activity that protects computer networks and data from outside threats. The aim of network security is to create a secure platform for computers and users, free from disruptions and invasions from unauthorised users and programs. Ethical hackers help to ensure this by testing internal systems, searching for security breaches, finding weak points and training other developers in security analysis.

Since ethical hacking is all about computers and the digital sphere, the best place to learn about it is online. Our courses are 100% online, so you have the freedom and flexibility to study whenever suits you. We offer a range of course types, including free short courses, learning subscriptions and degrees. If you subscribe to our ethical hacking program, you can complete a series of in-depth ethical hacking courses and develop your expertise.

Gain ethical hacking certifications and CPD

We have several network security ExpertTracks to get you started so that you can learn about ethical hacking and other security measures. These will allow you to earn digital certificates that you can share with your professional network once you’ve completed all of the courses. ExpertTracks are great for your professional development and help you work towards your career goals.

You can also receive a digital certificate when you complete a short course if you choose to upgrade with us. You can upload your certificate to LinkedIn or attach it to your CV to demonstrate your capability and interest in network security.

Build your career as an ethical hacker

If you want to become an ethical hacker, our network security courses are a great way to learn the necessary skills. When looking for exciting ethical hacking jobs, you’ll find adverts looking for penetration testers, security analysts and white hat hackers.

It also helps to have knowledge of ethical hacking if you work in the cyber security field more generally. It was predicted that there would be 3.5 million unfilled cybersecurity jobs globally by 2021, so you shouldn’t have to worry about job shortages if you decide on a career in ethical hacking.

Explore penetration testing

Cyber attacks on your business or home network can have devastating results. Our network security and ethical hacking courses will give you the knowledge and skills to identify and prevent these attacks, as well as helping you increase your network security.

One thing you’ll learn about is penetration testing, which is when there is a simulated cyber attack on your network. During this simulation, you’ll analyse how the network responds to threats, attempt to exploit network vulnerabilities, and eventually find security solutions.

Your options for studying ethical hacking

We’ve partnered with UK universities and other well-recognised institutions, such as the Institute of Coding, to bring you a range of courses where you can either gain an introduction to ethical hacking or build on your current skills. These courses can help you upskill to a new role or develop your professional credentials.

We offer a range of course types, from free short courses to programs. Our short courses take between two and ten weeks to complete and offer an overview of ethical hacking or a particular topic within it. If you decide to complete a program, you will receive a FutureLearn Award as proof of completing the program of study and deeper subject knowledge.


What is ethical hacking?

While a hacker is someone who tries to illegally access someone else’s computer network to steal information or cause problems, an ethical hacker is a computer expert who is hired to protect the company’s network from security threats. Their ability to point out the vulnerabilities of a company’s network and prevent security breaches makes them an invaluable resource.

Can I learn ethical hacking online?

Ethical hacking courses are a great way to introduce you to the industry or help you build your skills and knowledge of network security to supplement practical training. Our courses are completely online and don’t require any in-person teaching, so you’re free to study whenever suits you. You can also learn from anywhere in the world, as long as you have access to a digital device.

What are the top ethical hacking courses?

If you want to know everything about ethical hacking, we have a series of free short courses on the topic that make up a program by Coventry University. You’ll gain an introduction to the topic before exploring intelligence gathering, exploitation, and penetration testing.

If you’re looking for something shorter, you can simply join our Ethical Hacking: An Introduction course. There you will have the opportunity to learn the principles of ethical hacking and consider its legal and methodological foundations.

Is it difficult to study ethical hacking?

There is a lot to learn in the world of ethical hacking, but the difficulty will depend on the area you’re studying. For example, a cyber security degree will require more knowledge, hard work and attention than learning on a short ethical hacking course.

It will also help if you’re passionate about network security and have a knack for computers and technology. However, no matter what you choose, our courses are designed by successful network security professionals who will help you to succeed in your studies.

How do I start a career in ethical hacking?

Although it can help to have a degree in cyber security, it is not a necessity if you want to work in ethical hacking. Certifications and experience can be enough to get you a job if you’re passionate and can demonstrate that you’re willing to teach yourself the necessary skills.

To help you figure out whether you’d enjoy working as an ethical hacker, you can try one of our online short courses and use the opportunity to learn about fundamental concepts and network security applications. If you decide you’re serious about an ethical hacking career, you can join our program to impress your current or prospective employer.

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