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Enhance your childcare knowledge as you explore proven theories and techniques in childcare with our range of online childcare courses.

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Yes, you can study for a range of qualifications and certificates in childcare online. We work with leading educators to provide high-quality expertise using online videos and assessments.

To work in a nursery in the UK, most employers will ask for at least an NVQ Level 2 Certificate in Childcare for entry-level applicants. For more senior roles, such as a room leader, the minimum requirement is an NVQ Level 3 certificate.

Combine your passion for caregiving with proven theories and techniques in childcare with our range of online childcare courses. Put your new skills and knowledge into practice, and have the confidence that the children under your care get the very best start in life.

Nurture your career with our childcare courses

Whether you’re just starting a career in childcare or looking to progress and learn new skills, our online childcare courses are designed to enhance your knowledge and boost your confidence. We’ll help you deepen your understanding of childhood, providing you with insights into early childhood education and development. Get ready to take an exciting and fulfilling step in providing the best support to the children in your care.

Transform your passion into a profession with our online childcare courses

Our online childcare courses are the perfect way to kickstart a career in this industry. Working with our childcare experts, you’ll learn developmental theories, so you can provide the right care. Explore specialised topics such as physical development in childhood and much more.

With our user-friendly online courses, you’ll master a range of important childcare skills, ensuring that you’ll be set to jump into action with confidence. Learn from top universities and experts in a variety of fields, from public health to childhood development as you gain well-rounded education in childcare.

Earn a childcare certificate

Earn personalised childcare certificates when you complete an online course on FutureLearn, complete with lead educator signatures, organisation logos and course details. Share your achievements with employers, on Linkedin, on your CV and more. Explore other healthcare courses to continue your learning journey and build new skills.

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