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Oncology is an area of medicine which focuses on the study, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of all forms of cancer. An oncologist is a medical professional who practices oncology.

There are many careers relating to cancer research, such as research scientist, oncology nurse, immunologist, medical oncologist or data specialist to name a few. All of these positions require a few common skills like critical thinking to aid in creating hypotheses, communication skills to effectively relay information, and analytical skills to understand findings from research projects. If the role of an oncology nurse interests you, check out our how to become an oncology nurse article.

Nurses who specialise in oncology are known as Cancer nurse specialists (CNS), their roles can be varied however they all share the same essential skills, experience and knowledge. Often a key role of a CNS is to communicate with the patient and ensure that they are happy with their level of care as well as their understanding of their diagnosis.

To specialise in cancer nursing, you will need to complete a postgraduate course or degree in oncology nursing. Alternatively, you can undertake a period of supervised clinical practice, which will allow you to gain the necessary experience and skills.

Understand cancer diagnosis, treatment and management with a range of online courses about cancer

There are more than 200 types of cancer. Cancer will affect many of us directly or indirectly, and as medicine advances, more people are living with cancer than ever before. Research is ongoing into understanding the causes of cancer, including into cancer genetics, and finding appropriate treatments.

Whether you’re working in oncology and cancer care, a cancer nurse, living with cancer or helping care for someone with cancer, these cancer courses can help you understand different aspects of cancer. Learn about the causes of cancer, cancer genetics or cancer treatments.

If you are an oncology nurse who is looking to upskill, you can achieve this through using our specialised courses from leading educational institutions. One of the benefits of choosing Futurelearn is being able to access oncology nursing courses wherever you are in the world, and you can choose as many as you need with our Unlimited subscription.

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