Technology is changing our lives. As the information age gathers pace, we are exploring many ways in which we can enhance and improve our existence.

One area that has seen rapid development over the last few decades is that related to the way we do business.

With many emerging niches, there has never been a better time to take an online business technology course.

Study business technology online

Business technology encompasses multiple disciplines, and focuses on their application within the world of business.

This includes new technologies such as blockchain and artificial intelligence, through to more standard fare such as SaaS, IT networks, or data analytics.

The majority of office jobs require a strong understanding of particular software - whether that’s Microsoft Office or more specialised programs such as Xero, Salesforce, or Tableau.

Showing evidence of your knowledge in these areas can really make you stand out as a candidate, and help you excel in the day to day aspects of your career.

Strong software skills can even help you become more efficient and provide an excellent basis for a conversation on your pay rise or promotion.

Studying online allows you to fit your learning around your current job and commitments flexibly, and allows you to explore multiple areas to find something that genuinely interests you.

You may discover a passion for big data analytics. App development could be something that speaks to you. Or you could find a love for cybersecurity. Online business technology courses allow you to find what you’re best at, in a flexible environment.

Your learning options

With our short courses, you can spend a few weeks learning about the fundamentals of a particular area. You can learn about topics at the forefront of innovation and build skills that are in high demand by employers.

With topics such as artificial intelligence, payment technologies, and cryptocurrencies, you’re spoilt for choice in terms of subject matter.

In addition to these short courses, you’ll also find longer learning opportunities. For example, this accredited program on the digital economy consists of four courses and one assessment. It takes 29 weeks to complete and can be the first step towards an MBA.

As well as programs, you’ll also find information about online business technology degrees from top universities. These can give you a detailed learning opportunity about specific topics.

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