Professional development in teaching is the process of continued learning and development which helps to improve the quality of teaching that students receive.

Professional development can come in many forms - from workshops to in-class observations to online courses and other training sessions, so it really depends on how the individual best learns and what they want to get out of their training. All forms of professional development will help to enhance the quality and effectiveness of the teaching provided and support that individual in their career development.

Continuous professional development, also known as CPD, ensures teachers continue to deliver a high level of education standards to their students and ensure that they are able to adapt to new developments and changing needs of students.

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Teaching is a demanding profession, and finding time to complete continuing professional development (CPD) can be difficult. FutureLearn courses are broken down into bite-sized steps, so you can fit your studies around your teaching schedule. Whether you want to explore new pedagogical theories, find inspiration for lesson planning, or learn how to teach a new subject like computing, these CPD teaching courses can help you grow your teaching skills and excel as a teacher. With our courses, you’ll even be able to specialise in certain areas of teaching such as primary or secondary education.

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